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Make the most of your engagement opportunities

We see it every day. Marketers engage consumers at exciting and relevant events, but never quite integrate social media into the event experience in a compelling way. Our theory is simple: social media is about bragging rights, so let’s give them something to brag about.

We’re not talking about a Social Lounge or a Hashtag call to action. We’re talking about instant gratification photo ops, expression of opinions, and making predictions that everyone’s friends will comment on and share. Buzz worthy content that is creative, branded, and controllable.

News to Share? ilyk it.

The ilyk System is a real-time posting platform which allows marketers to engage targeted consumers at key consumer touchpoints. Derived from the internet slang term “I’m Letting You Know” and pronounced “I Like”, the ilyk System allows users to register once, then post instantly from any ilyk kiosk.

By integrating the experience into your events and consumer experiences, we become a natural outreach of your marketing plan, multiplying impact exponentially. Watch consumers spread your message to their friends, from sporting events you already sponsor, or marketing activations, trade shows, and at retail.

Fun for Users, Easy for You

Users get to brag to their friends about the great experience they are having and can instantly enter contests, gain access to VIP areas, vote, and express opinions. By integrating the ilyk System into the event they get to be creative, and enjoy an experience they can’t get with their mobile device.

For marketers, you enjoy an easy way to engage the right consumers, spread your message far beyond the confines.


Guardians: The Official Page

ilyk from San Diego Comic-C I just Played Guardians for the first time! It’s awesome!

    5 minutes ago via ilyk Systems

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An Evolutionary Approach

In 2011 the ilyk System was created to solve the industry challenge of driving user engagement on social networks to foster relationships between brands and consumers. We devised an innovative way to integrate social media into live experiences. In that same year the ilyk System launched at two major video game conventions and it has continued to evolve, creating new ways to engage consumers.

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